Every weekday morning Power 98’s Morning Madhouse with No Limit Larry, has more energy than the strongest Starbucks coffee to get listeners ready for the day ahead, and the star of the show is former Charlotte Housing Authority (now INLIVIAN) resident Larry Mims.

The Charlotte native attended Rama Road Elementary, McClintock Middle, East Mecklenburg High and grew up in Meadow Oaks. As a resident, Larry received a Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship that enabled him to attend Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) where he studied telecommunications and his radio career was born.

Larry started at Power 98 as an intern over 20 years ago when then-afternoon host and music director Nate Quick came to JCSU to talk about radio and asked if any of the students were interested. Larry and a couple of classmates said yes. “None of those other guys lasted, but I did,” says Larry.

Larry saw his mother work hard to provide and pursue an education, as well as, his siblings. He knew that education and opportunity was necessary for the life he wanted to live. Within the year, Larry had moved from intern to employed. Then in 2002, he took over as host of WPEG’s evening show; in 2004, he was tapped to lead the morning show and that’s when “No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse” was born.

Today, Larry is committed to his community and those who grew up like him. He knows what it feels like to struggle and with opportunity he has found that there are no limits.

The Brotherhood

Ryan Grace, INLIVIAN’s Youth Service Coordinator has assembled an amazing team of young men from our communities known as the Soul of Champion All Stars. The basketball team, formed in February, has been on a roller coaster ride, but winning and losing are a part of the sport. What they could not have imagined is how their team would turn into a brotherhood. “The brotherhood is crazy, it’s like having love and protection, but not just with one person, a whole team,” said 15-year-old shooting guard, Barron Harris of Renaissance West.

The victory is sweet success

Detone Kelly has always believed that she was destined for greatness. Anything she put her mind to she could achieve. This mindset helped Detone reach her goal of homeownership. The road was not easy, because the COVID-19 pandemic almost stopped her from becoming a homeowner.

Detone was born and raised in Buffalo, New York by her grandmother. When she turned nine her grandmother passed away. This tragedy forced her to rely on herself and mature beyond her years. Thankfully she was taken in by her aunt and had a place to call home.

In 1996, Detone knew that she was not in the most supportive environment, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and became an emancipated minor at 16. “I had to take charge of my own life”, said Detone. Driven to succeed, she was able to get a Housing Choice Voucher and found her own apartment. Detone worked, went to school and payed her own bills as a minor. She would not let her circumstances block her from reaching success.

Over the years, Detone realized that she needed a fresh start, so in 2011 she decided to port her voucher to Charlotte, NC. She made the queen city her home and brought with her a dream of homeownership. She had a friend in Buffalo that went through the homeownership program at the local housing authority, so she reached out to INLIVIAN’s Destination Homeownership Program. After receiving information on the process, Detone wanted to make sure that she took her time and applied when she was ready.

In 2020, Detone was approved for the Destination Homeownership program. As soon as Detone was ready to look for homes, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and brought everything to a halt. The whole world shut down and it sent her on an emotional rollercoaster. Every time she would find a home; the banks would reject her loan due to the pandemic. Even though she was tired, Detone kept fighting and pushing to find her home.

On September 28th, Detone closed on her home. “I’m just happy to finally call a place home. I can plant my feet in the ground,” the homeowner says happily. Detone took control of her life, bet on herself and the victory is sweet success.